STUDENT TRANSIT has the required core competencies to manage and operate school transportation operations. Our expertise can be found staff recruitment, training and development, fleet and parts procurement, fleet management, route design and planning, maintenance and most important of all; safety management.

STUDENT TRANSIT sustains its service excellence and operational quality through disciplined adherence to our management systems created by accumulating and utilizing best transportation practices.

School officials turn to STUDENT TRANSIT for guidance in:

  • Quantifying and achieving the value of a their transportation strategy
  • Designing innovative solutions
  • Developing feasible implementation programs
  • Building optimal transportation management processes

STUDENT TRANSIT ensures execution success by:

  • Optimizing organizational, human, relationship, structural and financial capital performance
  • Making costs and performance data transparent
  • Fostering rapid development of new capabilities
  • Guiding the implementation process

In short, our programs make transportation a school asset.