STUDENT TRANSIT will configure our services into a custom solution to resolve a particular an issue. Any custom solution will be built from a combination of the following activities:

DIAGNOSTICS is the step achieved by collecting the views, requirements and priorities of all stakeholders. The result creates a value model, identifies baseline performance levels, establishes solution scenarios and provides a performance map of the transportation operation. There are three (3) levels of diagnostics and the method chosen will depend on the scope of the issue.

VALUATION identifies and quantifies the value of the issue and its resolution as well as the organization's ability to execute the recovery strategy, program and its initiatives. The results identify the risks, rewards and the requirements to the successful implementation of the solution. STUDENT TRANSIT assists in for success by valuing the strengths of the organization, surfacing potential weaknesses, aligning and integrating new and existing programs to ensure the value potential can be realized.

REALIZATION creates the disciplined implementation process that: releases the potential within your organization, achieves the desired results and builds a more agile and competitive organization. We provide program and project management to ensure the implementation integrity.

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER ensures sustainability through facilitated learning which involves a series of work sessions designed and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the audiences.

The above four (4) activities can be applied to any transportation related issue from routing to inventory management.

We support the school district from discovery to resolution.