This program consists of the complete portfolio of services required for a transportation outsourcing scenario. It results in STUDENT TRANSIT designing, implementing and maintaining a transportation service for the school. We efficiently manage the drivers, vehicles, insurance, licensing, maintenance, vehicle storage and fuel.

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STUDENT TRANSIT collaboratively works with the School District to design a transportation program consisting of a set of services configured by the schools. This program assigns 1 to 3 of our staff to the District for an agreed period of time to manage the operation while the District retains the driver, mechanics and admin staff. We introduce and facilitate the use of new systems, structure, processes and tools that enable the rapid development and transfer of best practices to ensure the designed program is fully implemented.

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This portfolio of services is comprised of traditional consulting services. STUDENT TRANSIT will conduct an analysis of all the transportation functions to determine the performance variances between the school district’s transportation operation and commercial school bus operations. We identify the areas that require improvement and offer multiple scenarios to reach the target level of performance. We will also develop an implementation program for the school district to follow and if required, offer technical support along the way.

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This program is a simple and fresh way to provide low-cost charter bus services to the community and benefit local schools at the same time. CharterRbus uses the school district’s fleet and develops a local marketing program for chartering school buses by groups throughout summer and on weekends. The community gets a low cost transportation solution and the school district creates a new source of revenue.

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This program innovatively leverages a school’s maintenance facility and local skills to service buses from other schools or community groups. It also generates a new source of funds for the district. We establish a 2nd or 3rd shift at the facility to perform both routine maintenance and bus repairs. Additional mechanics are hired locally on a part-time basis to support this activity. Churches, non-profit organizations and community organizations who operate buses are the target customers.

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Every Service Offering has the following attributes:

  • Collaborative Strategic And Operating Goals
  • Disciplined Implementation
  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Improved Safety, Quality And Customer Service
  • A Transportation Service Operating At Commercial Best Practice Levels

All of our services enable transportation service organizations more rapidly fulfill their mission and achieve their desired levels of performance.